Faux Bois: A Linocut / Stamp Carving Craft Tutorial

A couple of weeks ago I was delighted to learn that my favorite item in shop, my faux bois, woodgrain gift tags, had been featured on sfgirlbybay. I consider sfgirlbybay to be one of the most visually stunning blogs out there, full of inspiration. Needless to say, I was pretty excited :)

I have been planning to post a linocut and/or stamp carving tutorial for some time, so this little feature was the push for me to do it. I've been in the process of revamping that particular line of tags, so I am also introducing the new version.

  • > lino cutters and handles
  • > lino block, vinyl or rubber eraser, rubber carving block, or linoleum printing plate
  • > pencil
  • > card stock or paper
  • > block printing ink for linocuts, or stamping ink for erasers or carving blocks
  • > twine, ribbon or string if you wish to make tags
  • > hole punchers or X-acto blades for cutting shapes out of paper or card stock
I first practiced my woodgrain design in an eraser. I like to do faux bois free hand, but for other images, I draw my intended outline in pencil onto the eraser. Some people draw on paper, and then place the drawing onto the eraser/lino, and rub on the back of it to transfer the image.

I carved my image onto both a carving block and a lino block for printing. For the carving block, I applied brown stamp ink by pressing the ink pad onto the block.

Then, I printed my image onto the card stock in a row.

When using linocut blocks, you need to apply block printing ink with a brayer. I use water-based ink so that the linocut can be easily cleaned. If you are going to use linocuts for printing, I suggest leaving the print on your table, face up, and applying paper on top of the inked design, smoothing your fingers or a smooth object over the paper-covered design.

After my ink is dry, I use a tag-shaped punch to get my tags uniformly shaped, and to save time and keep costs a bit lower (than cutting each tag individually with a craft knife).

I use a mini hole punch, since I think smaller holes look neater. Twine is cut to my desired length, and looped through the hole.

For my new line, I changed the shape of the tags to a more modern, simple shape. I currently only have one set left of the shapelier set.

And that's it for linocut/carved stamp tag making! There is a part two coming soon, in which I'll show you how to make a tear-away note pad of your carved designs.

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  1. great tutorial, thanks! i'm such a fan of faux bois, but i never thought of carving my own!

  2. @Katie - if you give it a try, I'd love to have you share a pic here! Let me know if you do.


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