Handmade Christmas Card Swap

Card 2: Inside - pop-up of Christmas tree scene
Last week I wrote about the Creative Collective Christmas card swap I am participating in. The cards had to be handmade, either by the sender or purchased handmade. A few days ago I got my recipients - my cards are going to Australia (x3), Romania and Spain. Mine are already sent out - here is what I came up with:

Card 1: Layered papercut reindeer
Card 2: Outside design by Corduroy Starfish
Card 2: Inside view 2 (see also top image)
Card 3: Kraft PEACE papercut underlined with faux jewels and layered under with red damask
Card 4: Red felt poinsettias across mint green card stock (sorry the color's off!)
Card 5: Paper garland "Happy Holidays"
Have any of you started making holiday cards yet? I'd love to see what others are doing this year!


  1. these are SUPER CUTE! Love the bunting! niiiiice!

  2. really love this blog i get inspiration everytime a comeback and read !

    and love the cards ideas ,by the way we are ofering free prints for the holidays maybe will be a good idea for a card.

  3. Your Christmas cards look amazing! You've done a great job! I especially like the reindeer.
    I have started making my Christmas cards for this year. You can see some of them here:

  4. @ Vivid - thanks!

    @ Studioto - thank you so much! I checked out your free prints too, that is a great idea to use them for cards! Very generous of you as well.

    @ Anzouya - Thank you! Your cards are so creative. Doesn't it feel so good to make them yourself? I'm really okay with buying them when there are so many to send, but the handmade ones mean so much more to me.


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