A Visit to Santa's House

Imagine if you were able to visit Santa's own house as a child. That is what we did as children in our hometown, and what we were able to do for our own kids last night.

Unfortunately this is quite a popular attraction, and although we got there early, we were still pretty far back in the line to get into the house to see Santa and the babies couldn't wait in the cold any longer. Luckily, we still got to see some fun stuff:

peeking inside Santa's house
with Mama
with Grandma

with Daddy

Even if you can't get inside, it's fun to look at the lights and all of the incredible decor. The Santa House in Midland, MI, is also home to the most prestigious Santa school in the world. The whole attraction certainly makes for a memorable holiday season!

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  1. Such precious babies. Looks like it was a magical night :)


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