16 Tips for Etsy Success

Snuggy Baby
 If you're an avid Etsy forum reader, then you may have already seen this information. I thought it could potentially be very useful to someone out there though, so I've condensed the many paragraphs into a bullet-point list.

Wet Bag from Snuggy Baby
The original post is by SnuggyBaby - an Etsy seller who made 1,692 sales in her first year of business online, and is currently up to 3,525 sales just 8 months later. I highly suggest you read her original post - she goes into great depth and detail. Clearly, Snuggy Baby has it right. Here are her top tips for Etsy success:

1. Understand that there may be sleepless nights in order to be successful. (you get what you put into it!)

2. Have high-quality products: handmade, not homemade. (use the best materials possible)

3.  Don't sell yourself short; try raising your prices if something isn't selling (it's all about perceived value)

4. Believe in yourself - believe in your product (your heart has to be in it!)

5. Get someone to help you, if possible (family & friends)

6. Ship quickly, and use online postage (speed is important to customers)

7. Renewing items frequently increases shop traffic and sales (it is a way to be seen)

8. Consider potential international customers when timing listing renewals (Australia shops while we sleep)

9. Have both product variety and varying price points in shop (something for everyone while staying in your style)

10. Take great pictures! (buyers can't see your product in person! It also helps you get into treasuries and potentially, front page, Etsy newsletters, Storque articles, etc.)

11. Work on your product descriptions, and fill-in all shop and profile info (customers like knowing who they're buying from - they need details!)

12. Learn everything you can learn about SEO and put it into practice (many shoppers come to Etsy via Google Search)

13. Advertise - trial and error - which methods work best for your niche? (paid, social networking, or giveaways?)

14. Have your own informational website, or at the very least, own your domain name and forward it to Etsy (make yourself easy to find online!)

15. Wear/use your product; carry your business cards (creates interest and buzz)

16. Regularly post on relevant forums around the web - use your shop URL in the signature. This brings in traffic and Google picks up on the links (helps with SEO)

For more detail and examples, read the original forum thread from July, 2010.


  1. Thanks for this post. I read it and forgot it on the Etsy forums, but some of the best advice I have read! Thanks for the reminder!


  2. I've tried etsy twice before with very little success. I'll be using these tips this time around and hopefully things will work out!!!

  3. Brianne - You're welcome! And all of it really is great advice. Everyone's probably heard most of it before, but I think putting all of it into action really helps.

    Miss C - If you try Etsy again, let me know if you need help or advice with anything at all. I'm not a top seller by any means, but I've had two shops since 2007 and it's been getting better each year. Please feel free to contact me at any time! I wish the best for you and your shop!

  4. wow! i just read your post and then read through the post from the gal with the baby slings. such great advice! i'm looking forward to opening an etsy shop soon. sometime this summer after my indie class is over and i've read up on building my business. thanks for this post, it was really helpful.

  5. Great tips - thanks for the post - will file it away for when/if I ever start my Etsy shop.

  6. loved this post!


  7. Hi Ashlely
    I just want to say I was so impressed with your offer to help
    'Miss C'. That was so kind! You are obviously a very busy person yet you are willing to take the time to help someone you don't even know!

  8. Great advices. Thanks for the post. As suggested, I will leave me site as my signature. ^_^



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