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A few weeks ago, Whitney purchased some recipe cards from my shop. She shared with me the project that she used them for, and it was right up my alley: scrapbook-meets-recipe box-meets-family heirloom. Whitney was kind enough to describe her project in detail (photos included!).

Whitney: I found this photo album a few years ago in Barnes and Noble, and I thought it was so beautiful, but I didn't know what I would do with it. Well, I bought it anyways and just stored it until I could figure it out.

The idea for a recipe photo album popped into my head when I was reading two of Tessa Kiros's cookbooks: Falling Cloudberries and Apples for Jam. Her books are beautiful inside and out. She also sprinkles intimate little stories throughout, as well as photos of family, sentimental places, trinkets, and toys. Every single recipe I've tried is amazing!

I love how she describes the memories and stories behind the food, and gives a glimpse into her family life while growing up and while raising children of her own.

Still, the recipe photo-album was just a thought in the back of my head until I found your recipe cards while browsing the treasuries. The colored leaves were just adorable, and would go well with the leaves on the cover of the photo-album. Then my idea became real.

I love good food, and I love cooking! Taste and smell is such a strong part of my memory, and food is a very important part of many celebrations and holidays (like Thanksgiving, birthdays, and wedding receptions). So I often associate certain recipes with certain events.

Whenever I find or create a recipe that I know I want to make over and over again, I immediately keep it. I have many recipes saved on my computer and my cookbooks are filled with bookmarks. It's starting to become a little disorganized and chaotic, though, and a recipe photo-album seems perfect for keeping all these recipes in one neat, organized place. I've never liked the idea of a recipe box because having separate loose recipe cards just floating around inside a box just seems like an easy way to lose that precious recipe for grandma's chocolate chess pie.

The time line of my book is starting from our wedding day (August 8. 2010) and is a project that will last for many years to come as we find new recipes and make more memories. I hope to one day pass this book down to my future grandchildren and have them continue adding to it, or make even more books if this one runs out of room!

Thanks again to Whitney for showing us this wonderful keepsake project!

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  1. Love this idea! My boyfriend is the chef in our family but he won't share the recipes so maybe I can do this with my little pathetic recipes. hehe.


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