Twelve by 2012: A To-Do List

Hey all! I'm participating in Oh, Hello Friend's 12 by 2012 - a list of 12 projects I want to get done before  the end of this year. I'm one of those crazy list-maker types, so this program was right up my ally.

To find out more about Oh, Hello Friend's 12 by 2012 project, click here. Now, here's my list!

1. Paint the built-in shelves in my living room
2. Paint my living room walls (one of which is to be a geometric print)
3. Finish the DIY light fixture in my dining room
4. Hang up curtains over the naked windows (and closets!) in my house.
5. Set up my own online store (non-Etsy)
6. Hang up decor over my fireplace
7. Create a DIY lantern for our living room
8. Create a DIY lamp for my office
9. Organize my new office
10. Make all Christmas gifts from scratch or do something handmade
11. Complete and organize my entryways (2)
12. Gather the courage to chop off my long hair

So, most of my to-dos are home improvement/design related. Not a big surprise given my current living situation (AKA my new house is still a bit unorganized and messy).

Are you participating as well? I want to see your list!


    I've done it... three times now, I think? So great.
    Also: Yay Painting!
    [ /]

  2. Sounds fun!! Can't wait to see pics of the house!

  3. Hi, fellow 'twelver' here. Your place is going to be a palace when you've finished but the hair is the most exciting bit!!!

  4. Love that your list revolves all around painting/decorating/fixing up - I REALLY can't wait to see how it all turns out! I am sure your place will be lovely after you get through the list! My big ones I want to get done on my list are definitely the ones where I am organizing/re-decorating rooms in my house. I think having a real home that reflects your personality is so important to everyday life! Thank you so much for participating friend! Good luck with getting these projects done!

  5. Ahh! The hair! I did that last fall (15 inches, chop chop!) It was exhilirating and terrifying all at once. ;)

    I'm participating too- I can't wait to get started! :)

  6. Your home is going to look AWESOME after this list is done!! I've got a haircut on my list's the hardest one! :)
    Good luck x

  7. I'm glad I discovered this on your blog, I decided to participate too. Good luck with the chop, you'll feel great afterward! & much luck on all your projects!

  8. hi! i like that your goals are most about home redecoration because it's an area i'm not really good at. i'll follow your progress for inspiration to get my but moving.

  9. Hello fellow 12 before 2012-er! :)
    Love #12! I hope we get to see the transformation. And your home is going to looking amazing after this list!

  10. I am super excited to see how your home will turn out! Me and my roommates are having a little redecorating project too. We just bought a house from Ryan homes and we are already planning on its decoration.

  11. Is there any update about the project? I am very much eager to see the outcome of your sacrifices and hard works. I look forward to seeing those photos. I will also redecorate the house I just bought from a thailand real estate company.


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