Simple DIY Evergreen Glass Ornaments

This is one of the easiest sets of ornaments you'll ever make. They're earthy, seasonal, rustic, simple, and inexpensive.

Start by collecting a few evergreen bunches from whichever local type you have. Don't choose a type with overly-long needles, such as the White Pine - you may have trouble fitting them in the bulb.

Take the top off your bulb, and gently insert 1-3 little branches, bottom first so as not to bend the needles. Replace the cap of the bulb.

These should look fresh for a month or two. They will likely dry out and yellow before next year, so each year you'll have to pull out the branches with tweezers and replace.

I'm envisioning a dozen or so of these, hanging across the wide entrance to our dining room with a natural twine.

2012 update: as I predicted last year, the evergreens did dry up in the bulbs, but it wasn't a problem at all to pull them out and replace.
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