DIY: Painted Wood Slice Tray Tutorial

 So I've had this wood slice in my craft supplies for months now. I've been using it as a prop in product photos sometimes. I thought  about making it into a chalkboard, but I really have enough of those.

Then I realized how much I like to use my ottoman as a coffee table, but how precarious that can be with little toddlers running around the living room. I decided a good, sturdy tray would be a fun and useful project.


- wood slice - from craft store or your own wood pile
- acrylic paints of choice - I chose metallic gold, antique white, orange, teal, and neon pink
- varnish or top coat - waterproof preferable
- painter's tape, masking tape, or washi tape
- paint brushes

Start by adding your main layer of paint. Gold is my focus color, so I painted the entire surface gold.

After main layer is dry (1-2 hours for me), apply a type of masking tape to the wood slice in the  pattern of your choice. You can do stripes, checkerboard, chevron, hounds tooth, or abstract, like I did.

Normally for a project like this, I would use my blue painter's tape, but I wanted thinner lines, so I went with washi tape.

Please excuse the appearance of children's toys and crayons in the photos! The little ones like to create along with me.

I applied my accent colors between some of the taped-off regions. Let the accent layer dry.

After an hour or two, remove the masking tape to reveal your design. Mine reminds me of chunky confetti, or Tangram pieces.

When you are sure your paint layers are dry, perhaps overnight, then you can apply your top protective coat. I used a weatherproof varnish meant for painted surfaces, and can even be used outside. It should be able to withstand sweating drinks in the summer. Apply 1-2 coats.

That's it! Now use your tray outside on your patio, on your coffee table, ottoman, as part of a dining table center piece, or an entryway vignette.


  1. Oh wow, I love the concept!!! I will definitely have to try this! :)

  2. Love this! It's so different! I HAVE to try it!

    - Sam



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