Welcome to Breakthrough Boot Camp

Welcome to Breakthrough Boot Camp! I am ready to take you on a journey through your own mind, straight to your own abilities and potential. 

This e-course is dedicated to anyone who is creative, who works full-time from home (or wants to), who is also trying to raise children, keep up a house, and have a stellar online shop. Sounds like a tall order! Well, it is, but piece by piece, we're going to make this happen in six weeks.

How to get the most booty out of boot camp:

Each week features an array of written lessons; worksheets; interviews, and inspirational quotes for you to take in. Feel free to pin and share the original quote images - they're meant to inspire you!

It would be a great idea to print the worksheets out and keep them in a folder or binder, as we'll be revisiting them at the end of our course to bring it all together, and discover our own unique edge!

You may also want to keep a little note pad handy to jot down a thought during the lessons - you never know when inspiration will strike.

The lessons are now completely posted, so you can go through this course at your own pace.

Bookmark this page, and return to it daily, weekly, or go through the lessons all at once. Because these lessons build off each other, it is important to go through them in the order listen below. 

Although the live e-course is completed, I will still be regularly reading your comments. Please feel free to ask questions, or continue the discussions at any time.

The Lessons

Week One: Clarity

Week Two: Priorities

Week Three: Goals and Passions

Week Four: Real Life Applications

Week Five: Online Presence and Branding

Week Six: Finding the Spotlight
- Social Media Anxiety
- Creating Social Networking Plans

Bringing it all together 

Finally, since this boot camp is free, it would mean so much to me if you could help share the word! If you're participating in this course and you have a blog or website, please share this badge (right-click and save, or use the HTML code to the right ---> )! 

To get you in the mood for motivation, here is a little theme song to listen to - it's what I listen to when I need to get pumped up!

  - Ashley


credits: clip art by The Ink Nest (affiliate link)


  1. hi Ashley,
    I've just discovered your boot camp. Do I have to sign up for it somewhere, how does it work? I'd love to do it!

    Lizzie x

    1. Hi Lizzie! No sign-up necessary - the camp started two weeks ago, and there are five posts per week. You can take the lessons at your own pace - do one or more posts per day, or space it out to once per week.

      I link to each new lesson in the post above as I publish them - if you scroll up, you should see the links to the current lessons. You can also bookmark this link and check back daily to see the new posts: http://www.shemakesahome.com/search/label/Breakthrough%20boot%20camp

      I hope this helps - please let me know if you have any questions!

  2. So psyched about this! Just found your awesome blog through Pinterest. I'll be joining you for the boot camp starting today!

  3. hi ashley! i love your blog, your style! everything! its great!
    byw greetings, eva

  4. Hi Ashley.
    Cheking out the forum on BYW brought me to here. And I have discovered this boot camp. I'm enjoying too much it ᵔ.ᵔ . In fact I'm saving some of your articles on my memosic [notebook] to put in practice and read them in the evenings. :)


Thank you so much for your comments! I read them all and will respond as quickly as possible!

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