8 Steps for Building Online Buzz - BtBC Day 27

One of the most difficult things for a handmade seller to do is generate interest in their online shop. Regardless of whether you pitch to websites 5 times per week, or you're just naturally awesome and bloggers regularly gush about you online, one thing is for sure: you need crisp, clear, striking photos. We've already covered the importance of product photography in day 23 of Breakthrough Boot Camp. so... what else can you do to get people talking?

Eight Steps for Building Buzz:

Here it is in a little more detail...

1. Re-visit days 23 and 24 from Breakthrough Boot Camp. Make sure your shop is clean, cohesive, personalized, and well-branded.

2. Re-visit day 21 from Breakthrough Boot Camp. Make sure your About page is filled out, and that you are telling your authentic story. Also, list anywhere else you sell or participate: brick and mortar stores, craft shows, art fairs, or trade shows.

3. Have your cocktail line ready from day 5 of Breakthrough Boot Camp - this can be used as part of your introduction to editors and bloggers.

4. Prepare a media page, with links or logos to any past buzz about you: blog posts, round-ups, shopping guides, newspaper articles, magazine features, etc. This page could be on your website or blog.

5. Contact a blogger in your niche. Pitch to them a giveaway of either:
  • your signature product
  • a gift basket of products that go together
  • or a gift certificate to your store
Giveaways create interest and sharing of your shop and products. They also give potential customers the opportunity to sample your work, which could lead to product reviews, referrals, or repeat business.

6. Go after interviews, product reviews, or shop features. About two weeks after the giveaway, begin your pitch to blogs and websites with content and a readership that:
  • matches your aesthetic
  • matches your price points
  • has needs and/or wants that your products can fulfill
  • shares your values

7. At the same time, consider writing guest posts for other blogs. Guest posts allow you to build credibility, trust, and a reputation within a market. Research blogs that accept guest posts and have a readership who could benefit from your knowledge.

8. Finally, when you've done something of note, have a press release written and share it with local newspapers. Generating a little local buzz can help open the door to your involvement with local events and shops. There are many shops on Etsy that will write a press release for you, if you're not comfortable writing one yourself.

Like Jack Kerouac said, "If you tell a true story, you can't be wrong." Be your genuine self when you pitch to bloggers. When you're authentic, people will notice.

credits: quotes and infographic clip art by The Ink Nest (affiliate link)


  1. great post that speaks exactly to where I am at the moment. <3 thank you!

  2. I just spent my afternoon reading through this series and I have to say THANK YOU. This has been wonderfully helpful and I can't wait to read the final few posts. Have a great day!

  3. ashley, this has really been a fantastic series. hats off!!!


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