DIY Mini Heart Fridge Magnets

Hello, dear readers! Today I have a sweet, simple, and very gift-able DIY project for you. It's by Lisa of Listiques, a beautiful handmade jewelry and accessories shop on Etsy that uses recycled materials. Please enjoy this post by Lisa, and don't forget to check out her shop!
This craft activity is easy, fun, quick and can be made into any shape that you can imagine. The magnets are made using salt dough so you can tweak this recipe to make as little or as much dough as you need. I used a small wine glass for my ‘cup’.


  • Small baking cutters (the one I used is normally used for icing)
  • Paint and brushes (I used block paint, poster or acrylic would also work fine)
  • Small magnets (you can buy these from craft stores or online)
  • Strong drying glue (such as epoxy resin or super glue)

For the Salt Dough
  • ½  cup table salt 
  •  ½  cup plain flour   
  • ¼  cup water


1.       Begin by making your salt dough. Put salt and flour in a large bowl and slowly add water until the dough begins to come together into a ball. If dough appears very dry add more water, if it appears sticky add a little more flour. You need a soft manageable dough.  
2.       Roll out your dough to around ½ cm thick and cut out your shapes using your cutters. A finer shape will give a more professional overall finish.  
3.       Place on a baking tray and put in the oven. You are aiming to dry out the dough without cooking it at Gas Mark 4 (180 degrees) for 5-8 mins. You are looking for a pale golden colour.  
4.       Leave hearts to completely cool.  
5.       Paint front and sides of your shapes, you can also paint the back if you wish.  
6.       When completely dry glue your magnets to the back of your hearts. The magnet should be glued with the side with the dimple glued to the back of the salt dough shape. 

7. Decorate your fridge with your lovely new magnets!

About Lisa

 I live in the countryside town of Gloucester with a love of tea shops, animals, Russian dolls and vintage. I love to make jewellery using a pick and mix of new and recycled items including beautiful fabrics. when making Listiques pieces I aim to give you a piece of wearable art that will keep you smiling as you go about your day.

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