How I finally painted that old dresser

After having it for about a year, I finally painted the old dresser that was handed down to me by my mother-in-law (who bought it years ago at an antique shop).  I LOVED the shape, but HATED the paint job. The yellowing off-white was peeling, and the red flowers were hideous.

I started sanding the drawers a few months ago, but time got away with me. Finally, in the depths of Winter when I was cooped up inside, I went for it. I had just painted my entryway a teal color (reveal coming soon), and had plenty left over. I decided to paint the dresser teal (answers my teal chair across the room), and I went for a metallic gold spray paint on the dresser.

I won't give you the step-by-step of it, because I used this tutorial from Welcome to the Mouse House, and Hayley deserves the credit for the technique. I will tell you my sources, though:

So as you can see, I still need to paint the legs (I wasn't sure if I wanted them teal like the body, or gold like the drawers - right now I'm leaning gold). I need to do one more layer of teal paint on the face of the dresser, around the drawers, and I need to do a finishing coat of polyurethane for protection.

I loved the original knobs, so I kept those. I also acknowledge that the spray paint job on the front of the drawers is a little uneven, but I was dying of chemical smell at the time and didn't really care. My living room gets so little natural light that you can't even tell its uneven in real life. That is my "keeping it real" moment of the day... although I will probably give it another smoother coat some day in the future.

Overall, I am thrilled with the outcome and it's a major improvement! 


Sand paper
Kilz paint primer
YOLO Dream .06 interior latex paint in eggshell
Rust-Oleum Gold Universal Metallic Spray Paint
Polyurethene - clear semi gloss


  1. Ugh, the shape of that dresser is beautiful!! You did a great job. And in case you wanted opinions, I would be leaning toward making the legs gold as well. Happy painting!

    - Trina, This Ginger

  2. Wow - I love the gold! It makes it look so expensive. Good job


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