Introducing: She Makes a Home Monthly Magazine!

I'm a little more than excited to introduce to you a new feature of She Makes a Home: a free, monthly mini-magazine! This month's issue features gift guides for just for April birthdays; a gardening section; my create-it-yourself paper cut rain cloud greeting card; an interview with Amy of PaperFinch Designs, and more!

This first issue is "hitting the stands" a little later than I would like - but considering that the idea was born just two weeks ago, I'm pretty happy with the outcome. You can expect all future issues of She Makes a Home monthly to be published at the beginning of each month.

If you'd like to view or bookmark this issue, or if you'd like to subscribe to all upcoming future free monthly issues, visit me here on

P.S. Checkout my full-length, holidays 2012 magazine, Snowed In!


  1. Oh my god I absolutely love this! You did such a wonderful job Ashley, so inspiring!

  2. it is fantastic Ashley, and I love the aries necklace. I would buy it if it was in europe. well done with the magazine, really clever

  3. fantastc Ashley. so clever. I love the necklace too. I am aries :)

  4. It's amazing, Ashley! You absolutely rocked it! Great idea and great execution - I look forward to reading the next one ... and the next one...


  5. Looks wonderful. I did become a geologist 34 years ago and am now ready to retire! It too has been a great career.
    You can check out that story on my blog, which was the inaugural post.
    I am enjoying your blog.

  6. That's great Ashley!
    It's a really nice idea and well put together. You truly are inspiring! Looking forward to even more of your monthly magazines!

    Greets, Janina from kleinstyle


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