My Indoor Rock Garden - Part 2

It was in the warm summer months when I built my indoor rock garden into the planter/room divider that I had no idea what to do with. Check out this "before" picture to get a sense of what it looked like in our living room when we moved in:

This picture was taken in January 2012, so there are Christmas lights in the planter. We lived in this house for almost a year before I attempted to do anything real with the planter. You can read the entire story/how-to of the rock garden (which got picked up by the Huffington Post!) here. This is the basics of what I did:

The basic idea was that it was to be a relaxation corner, or somewhere soothing to read a book:

But, as most of my plants do - this "Lucky Bamboo" died when we went home for the holidays, shut the curtains, and turned the heat way down. This is what I came home to in late December 2012:

(As you can see, I've moved the furniture around a bit, but more on that later.)

Well, that sad, dead plant sat there for almost six weeks when my husband brought me my Valentine's Day present - a bigger "Lucky Bamboo" plant, shaped into a heart.

So my little indoor rock garden is newly bright and optimistic for the new year. This time, I will be sure to take the plant with me on Winter vacations.

I've taken the crystal and the bread ties off it it.

And as you can see, there is a table in that corner now - my husband is an accountant, so that's where he sets up shop to work from home in March and April.

So that's the rock garden for now - I'd love to add a few more plants to it - maybe an air plant or two? I have my eye on a few here and here, and here and here (to hang down over the garden)...

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  1. beautiful inspiration! We have lots of rocks around us.Especially in our soil.It has become free decor for our garden!

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