DIY Fabric Flower Bouquet

Hi She Makes a Home Readers! I’m Jennifer Wiese from Workroom Social and I’m excited to join She Makes a Home as a guest contributor. Every month I will show you how to make a new, fun DIY project using fabric. Some projects will involve a little sewing, others a little printing. I hope you enjoy our first DIY and I encourage you to check out my blog at for more textile crafts instruction and inspiration.

How to make fabric flowers

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Tools and Supplies

Needle and thread
Fabric (one or two fat quarters or square large scraps)
Paper straws


1. Iron fabric. Lay your fabric out and fold it on the diagonal. Cut your fabric on the diagonal so you have two triangles.

2. Mark 1” strips on both triangles. Mark strips from the cut diagonal.

3. Cut strips.

4. Match strips cut from both triangles so you have matching pairs of about equal length. One pair of strips makes one flower.

5. At the ends of each strip pair, snip two diagonal lines to a point as if you are cutting the top of a triangle.

6. Lay both strips wrong side up and cut a piece of twine about the same length as the strips. Sandwich the twine between the two strips, wrong sides together.

7. Tack everything together at the top of one end of the strip by sewing through all layers. Be sure to catch the twine in your stitching so it cannot be pulled out.

8. Starting under your the tacking, mark down the fabric strip to the left and right of the center (on the outsides of the twine). Measure ½” down from your original tacking and mark. Repeat 3-4 times down the length of the strip, then transition to larger gaps as you continue down the strip to the very bottom. You can play with the size of the gaps. Try marking 3-4 ½” gaps, then 3-4 ¾” gaps, 3-4 1” gaps, etc.

9-11. Sew tacks down your strip on all markings to the left and right of center. Be careful to not catch the twine in your sewing but rather, the twine should be in the middle of each set of tacks.

11 ½”. Now here’s the fun part! After all tacks are sewn, hold the twine and push the fabric towards the top of the strip. Ta-da, fabric flower! Fluff it up and twist petals around to even out the distribution of fabric.

12. Feed the end of the twine through a paper straw.

13-14. Pull the twine tight so the flower sits on top of the straw and secure the end by cutting two small snips (opposite each other) in the bottom of the straw to hold the twine.

Put your new fabric flowers together in a bouquet and display all around the house!


  1. These are absolutely beautiful! I have a bag paper straws and this project it's perfect. Thanks for sharing x

  2. Thanks, Jessica! Hope to see your lovely handmade bouquet soon.

  3. I've decided to make this for my mom's birthday - I have some fabric that will be perfect for it. I'll share the results when it's finished!


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