The Ultimate Cleaning Checklist & Schedule: Free Printable (UPDATED)

When I was growing up, I thought my mom was crazy.

Every Friday at 6:00 PM, she would send us kids down to the basement - or to the park with my dad - and she would clean the entire house from top to bottom

Mopping every floor; dusting, vacuuming, cleaning windows, toilets and tubs EVERY. Single. Week?

I understand it now. When I had my first apartment, I realized how quickly things can get nasty. Like my mom, I would dedicate a 2 hour block every weekend to clean my place.

But then I had kids, and what used to take 2 hours now takes a week or more.

I have a new plan now. I give each day its own task, and some things I just do not do every week. Cleaning windows? Not necessary more than once a month. The kids just smudge the windows again anyway. Dusting is also no longer a weekly occurrence, although, maybe it will be again some day.

So now I do get my home mostly clean each week, and I don't feel like a crazy person who must have a spotless home at all times. 

You don't have to waste a bunch of trees to make this printable work for you. Instead of printing a bunch of copies, print one copy: trim it to fit into an 8" x 10" frame. Place in frame, under glass, and use the glass as a dry erase board. You can check off each daily task and each weekly task, and erase to start fresh for the next day/week/month.

See this tip in action on a daily planning worksheet now!

Here is my UPDATED daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule. If you feel overwhelmed by cleaning, use this printable PDF to keep you on track.

Would you prefer a blank version that you can customize? Well, here you go!

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  1. Great checklist! Going to have to start using this!

  2. Maybe my problem is that I’m not actually writing it down. I have this sort of list floating around my head, but since it’s not on paper, I find it totally acceptable to skip any chore on any given day. Something about actually writing it and TAPING it makes it so official.

    Irene (House Cleaning Austin)

  3. Hi Ashley, I just wanted to thank you for this cleaning schedule. I've been doing it for a little over 2 months now, and it has helped make house cleaning manageable...and dare I say fun, even? Not having to clean the bathrooms, the kitchen and the floors all in one day means I can actually do more than spot clean. I've also been using your vinegar and water cleaner for the kitchen, and I've added a few drops of spearmint oil to kill the vinegar scent. Thanks for helping to teach me how to make my house feel like a home. - Tedessa

  4. do you happen to have this on a microsoft word document so that I can customize it? thanks! love your cleaning checklist.


  5. This is certainly the ultimate checklist. Thank you for suggesting all the points.

  6. This is certainly the ultimate checklist. Thank you for suggesting all the points.

  7. Easy to-do list with an attractive 1-page design layout! Genius! Thank You! Now, I just need to get started! =D

  8. Hi! This is a beautiful layout! I was wondering if it is available as a word doc so that I might customize it without ruining it with my handwriting. Thanks!


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