DIY Necklace With Paper Straws!

A note from Ashley: I love this DIY necklace project from our contributor, Jessica Rebelo. It is not only cute, but clever! As a self-proclaimed necklace addict with plenty of paper straws in my cupboard, I'll be giving this one a try!

This is a very cute simple project inspired by my childhood’s summers with lots of sun, colours, candies and laughs. They are so easy to make, perfect to wear in a summer party, as a goodie bag present or to make matching ones for you and daughter/sister/mother or best friend. Have fun making these!

  • Colourful paper straws
  • Colourful beads (I have these ceramics (blue) and pink (wooded) ones from another project
  • Thin cord (I use white)
  • Necklace clasps
  • Scissors
  • Knife
  • Universal glue (optional)

Step by step

1) Using the knife carefully cut the paper straws around 2cm long
2) These will become your paper beads
3) Start assembling the necklace by inserting your previous cut pieces and regular beads into the cord. I started with a very long one so I can play around with different lengths and designs.
4) Try different combinations and be creative, either filling all the cord or just covering the middle (as I did).
5) Once you are happy with your design measure the length around your neck and tie the necklace’s clasps at both ends.
6) To secure these ends I add a dot of glue, let it dry and cut the thread’s excess.

VoilĂ ! you have your own pretty necklace. Enjoy.

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