Homemade Radish Chips Recipe

A note from Ashley: Welcome to the newest post in our Homesteading with This Original Organic Life series! Before we get into the radish chip tutorial, I asked Rachel a question about growing radishes. Here is her answer: Although it's not prime radish season - radishes do well in the earlier spring, and are actually one of the very first things you can plant in your garden - you can look forward to growing them for harvest this fall.  Plant them in late summer, as the temperatures begin to cool down.  You can plant a few successions of them, as they take only about 4 weeks to mature before harvest.

Thanks, Rachel!

Happy summer, folks!

I don't know what it is about summertime that makes me want to eat chips. I think it's the crunch that goes so nicely with a beverage on ice :)

This month I'm sharing this super simple recipe for healthy chips, two words that don't often sit next to one another.  Don't let the thought of eating radishes without much else for them to blend into scare you; these chips are delicious.  Most root vegetables taste better roasted/baked in the oven for a nice period of time, and this is precisely what we're doing today to bring out the radish's inner goodness. 

For those of you that don't typically eat radishes or enjoy them in other ways, try giving this recipe a shot.

Here we go!


> *Radishes
> Olive Oil
> Salt
> Pepper

I used about 2 bunches (about 15 small-medium sized radishes) of radishes to yield about 1.5 cups of radish chips.  It does take quite a few radishes to make enough chips to really dig into - but they tend to be quite inexpensive and readily available.


1.) Start by cleaning your radishes & preheating oven to 375°

2.) Slice radishes into thin slices using mandolin slicer or a knife.  I actually used a knife for these, and it worked well; I just had to be a little more attentive in my slicing.  As a rule of thumb, the thinner your slices, the crunchier the chips will be; the thicker they are, the chewier they'll be.

3.) Place sliced radishes on a baking pan (or multiple), spread out so that they are not stacked too much on top of each other but don't worry about leaving space between them - they will shrink as they cook.

4.) Drizzle olive oil and sprinkle salt & pepper over radishes.  Massage with hands.

5.) Bake in oven for 15 minutes, or until brown and the consistency you prefer - crunchier, chewier, or charred :)

6.) Optional - Whip up one of these healthier-option homemade sodas and pack a picnic with your guilt-free goodies!

Try out this recipe or give it a new twist.  You can substitute all kinds of veggies - beets, carrots, sweet potatoes - for the radishes. . . or mix them all together for a chip medley.  

Do you have other ideas for nutritious & tasty options for chips?  

What other foods might go well with this?

Share in the comments!

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