Beautiful, Stupid Ice Storm

This is a story that I didn't know if I'd be able to tell you; in fact, this may be the last thing I'm able to share with you until after Christmas.

Last night was pretty scary. We awoke in the night to a terrible boom - and to be honest, there is this tree in my back yard that I've always been paranoid about - it leans in the general direction of my house. When I heard that boom, I ran for the girls' room to make sure it didn't crash onto the house, but they were fine.

We started looking out all of the windows and doors at 4:00 AM, and finally I noticed this huge branch right next to my house. My husband went out to make sure the roof was okay, and I've got my head sticking out the door. In the nearly silent night, the one thing you can hear is the sickening crack and popping of tree limbs from all directions. They're snapping like twigs, and so frequently.

In the morning we investigated in the light and found this:

Those dents are the extent of the damage to our house, as far as I know.

In the middle of the night I gathered the whole family to sleep in the living room, away from the path of trees. Even into daylight hours we could hear branches and trees crashing to the ground. Every now and then I saw the flash of a transformer explosion in the night sky.

We had been lucky not to lose power in this...

Later I discovered that this was the view next door:

Icy power lines:

10 minutes after I took the picture of icy lines, THIS happened:

Annnnnnd we've lost power. Local utility companies have been saying it could be as long as 6 days before it's fixed.

I've been trying to remain positive since neither my family or the house were seriously harmed. Most branches fell around our house, not on it. I admit I was looking forward to having our first Christmas Eve at home, and waking up to our own tree the next morning. With over 300 downed power lines in our city, I don't  think we're high priority.

I know I'm not the only one facing this crazy storm.

Stay safe and have a merry Christmas! 


  1. Glad your family and house are safe! The trees look beautiful covered in ice, but also know how dangerous that can be. Winter is one of the main reasons we moved from upstate NY to AZ full-time. I don't miss the cold snowy, icy weather. I pray you have power back soon! Happy Holidays!

  2. This is so scary! I'm glad everyone is ok but ugh! Winter can be so cruel sometimes!

  3. Ashley, we escaped the most recent ice storm, but have been in the same position. I'm so glad you're all ok. It is very scary sound after an ice storm, like bombs going off left and right as trees and limbs crash down. Hang tough, in the living room if need be until it's all cleaned up.


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