Cinnamon Stick & Ruffled Burlap Wreath Tutorial

It's weekend project time! This wreath is a sweet way to dress up your front door, or give as gift this Christmas. If you read Snowed In Magazine, you may have already seen this, but I love it so much I wanted to share it on the blog as well.

I've seen a lot of burlap wreaths out there, but I wanted to create something a little more festive - this particular wreath includes red ribbon, printed fabric, and a cinnamon stick for a comforting scent.

Ready? Let's do this!


Wire wreath form – your choice of size
Roll of burlap: I used a 5 yard roll for a 12” diameter wreath form
Hot glue or floral wire
Optional: cinnamon stick


1. Begin by weaving one end of the burlap roll under the outer wire of the wreath form, pulling it up over the second wire of the wreath form.

2. Weave the burlap over the second wire; under the third wire, and back up again over the inner-most wire.

3. Flip the wreath over to view the back side of the wreath. Pull the burlap end over the inner-most wire, and under the middle two wires.

4. Secure the end of the burlap roll to the under-layer of the burlap-covered wreath with hot glue or floral wire.

5. Flip the wreath back over to view the front. Bunch up the two “over” layers a bit, so that they are not pulled tightly over the wreath wires.

6. Slide the entire woven burlap section to one side, bunching it up, almost ruffle-like.

7. Now, take the other, loose end of the burlap roll. Bring it under the outer layer of the wreath form, repeating the entire process.

8. It may seem daunting at first to weave 5 yards of burlap through the form, but it quickly gets easier.

9. These wire wreath forms are broken into 4 sections. I wove the burlap roll through the wreath form three times per section, for a total of 12 times through the entire wreath. Do more or less depending on your liking.

10. When you are done weaving the burlap around the wreath, flip the wreath over. Cut the burlap from the rest of the roll.

11. Secure the loose end to the back of the wreath with more hot glue or floral wire.

Cut ~4” sections of ribbon and fabric.

Double-knot the ribbon and fabric strips into bow ties on the middle, exposed wire of the wreath form. 

Tie a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around the middle wire to conceal it. Secure after wrapping the wire.

After the center wire is complete wrapped with ribbon, take a few left over strips of fabric and tie a cinnamon stick to the ribbon-wrapped wire with three to four strips of fabric. Secure with hot glue if necessary.

The cinnamon stick adds not only a nice visual element, but a lovely scent!

Use 36” of ribbon to attach a tie to your wreath. Add more or less ribbon depending on how you want your wreath to hang. 

Start by bringing the two ends of the ribbon together to form a loop. Thread the ends of the ribbon under the center wire, and pull them through the ribbon loop. Pull until the loop closes, and tie the ends of the ribbon together. Your wreath is now complete!

Find this project and more in the free, 2013 issue of Snowed In Magazine!

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