Frozen, Indeed: Lansing Ice Storm 2013

We're about to start day 10 without power. We still haven't had our family Christmas celebration - it didn't feel right to have our little ones open presents with frozen little fingers. We are not included with those who are expected to be repaired by tonight - we're on a list of people who will be repaired on an unknown date somewhere in the future.

I know there are many in our city that are far worse off than we are, which makes me truly grateful for what we do have. All of us are together, nobody got hurt, and our house was not irreparably damaged. As touchy-feely as that sounds, that's been the only thought keeping my spirits up.

I will say that while I'm upset with our utility for initially denying additional outside help, I am really happy with my City of East Lansing. Our mayor has been very active trying to get E.L. citizens noticed by the utility; setting up warming centers; checking on darkened homes to make sure children and the elderly are okay; keeping us updated, etc.

Well anyway, I had some really fun New Year posts to share with you, but because of my current situation I just haven't been able to prepare them all. I am hoping to be back very soon!

You've all made 2013 a wonderful year for me here on She Makes a Home - I hope you have a wonderful New Year's Eve!

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  1. Ashley I hope the power at your house has come back already, sending you a warm hug! x


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