Free Printable Evergreen Patterned Paper

Happy December!

If you follow me on Instagram or here on the blog, you know that I've been hard at work studying local plants; watercolor painting; and learning to digitize my work. Everything is coming together now, and I have many new printables on the way, most of which will be arriving in my Etsy shop soon (and some are already available!).

Today I am happy to share with you a sample from my collection of printable watercolor stationery and gift wrap. This is my "Evergreen Pattern in White". These printables will come in many different patterns and colors, all from my hand-painted watercolors.

This sample is one full page PDF, and I will show you how to create everything from note cards to gift tags, stickers, gift wrap and more below.

Click here to download and print your free watercolor evergreen paper sample!

To make a set of A2 size note cards, print the PDF at full-size, with borderless printing, on sturdy white card stock. Choose standard to high-quality print settings.

After printing, rotate the card stock to a landscape position. Cut all the way down the sheet, so you have two halves that are 5.5 inches wide. You can now fold the halves in half for a 5.5" x 4.25" note card, or trim 1/2" off the bottom of each half, then fold, for a 5.5" x 4" note card.

For envelope seals, print the pattern onto paper or white card stock. Use a 1 to 2 inch wide circle punch to cut as many circles as you would like. Run the circles through a Xylon sticker maker (usually $10 at craft stores).

Gift tags can be made with a gift tag punch, or by cutting the shape of your choices. Squares and rectangles work wonderfully for gift tags and don't require a shaped punch. For gift tags, the sturdier the card stock, the better. After cutting your gift tags, use a 1/8" hole punch at the top of the tag. A 1/4" punch will work as well, but don't go any bigger than that.

Use your favorite string to loop through the hole of each tag. My favorite is natural colored twine, although bakers twine, yarn, cotton string, etc. will work.

You can also make folding gift tags for gift tags by cutting rectangles, either 3" x 6" to fold in half for a 3" x 3" square note, or 2.5" x 5" for a 2.5" square note. These can also be hole-punched and threaded with string.

Finally, this paper makes great wrapping paper! Print on a thin, white printer paper. This is perfect for smaller gifts such as jewelry, stationery boxes, etc.

You can also use scraps of the paper to make bands of wrapping paper around things such as jewelry boxes, tied with natural twine.

This is just the beginning of the paper goods you could make with one printable! Please remember that this printable is for personal use only, and no for-sale products can be made with it. If you have an idea for a product you'd like to sell using this pattern, please get in touch with me and we can talk about the possibilities!


  1. OMG how adorable is this paper? I love that you wrap presents with it! I wish I was that crafty!
    -Lee Anne

  2. Wow, your paper is beautiful! And I love how versatile it is!


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