A Golden Cinnamon Stick Wreath Tutorial

Have you decked your halls yet? A few of mine were still bare, so I livened up my dark December home with some bright and cheery greenery.

What started as a completely plain, faux evergreen wreath transformed into something warm and rustic-chic. This wreath was a gift from Tree Classics, and there were no limits to how I could decorate it. (Side note: I was not paid for this post, or for my thoughts on this wreath).

I immediately envisioned gilded fir needles, but there was still something missing. The wreath needed a bit of earthiness and holiday spirit, and cinnamon sticks were the perfect addition to my project. Not into cinnamon? Some lovely pine cones or delicate star anise would work well in its place.

  • Classic Fraser Fir wreath, or your undecorated wreath of choice - mine is 24" wide
  • cinnamon sticks (I used 6 large cinnamon sticks)
  • hot glue and glue gun
  • liquid gold leaf
  • paint brush
Start by adding a dab of hot glue on the end of a cinnamon stick, and place within the wreath. You'll want to bury the end of the cinnamon stick into the foliage so that no hot glue is visible. Repeat with the rest of the cinnamon sticks, placing them evenly around the wreath.

You may also want to arrange the cinnamon sticks to follow the direction of the foliage.

After the cinnamon sticks are securely placed, start by dipping your brush into the liquid gold leaf and gently painting the ends of the needles with gold.

How many branches you paint, and how much of each needle you paint depends on how metallic you would like your wreath to appear. I went for a "highlighted"/lightly frosted approach by only painting about 1/2- 2/3 of the branches with gold, and only the ends of each branch with gold paint.

I also lightly brushed the cinnamon sticks with a mostly-dry gold paint brush, as well as lightly spattering the cinnamon sticks with tiny drops of gold paint.

Overall, this was a very quick and easy home decor project, because both hot glue and liquid gold leaf dry very quickly. My wreath was ready for hanging in about an hour!

This wreath is hung on the plain white door that leads to the basement in my dining room - what a beautiful way to dress up that space! Where is your favorite place to hang a Christmas wreath?

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