Season Of Light: A Bright & Welcoming Entryway

Candles, bulbs, and soft twinkling lights - these are how I am turning a dark entryway into a welcoming space full of warmth.

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you may remember my conundrum over what to do with this built-in planter box. This entryway is in the north corner of my living room and does not receive enough light for plants, so I turned it into a lovely rock garden; however for the holidays, I wanted to add some light and greenery. This 9' long Classic Fraser Fir garland from Tree Classics includes pre-strung lights and made decorating the entryway so easy. I added my own pine cones to the garland - some are natural brown; others are spray painted gold, and one is lightly frosted with silver glitter. I love bringing the outdoors to the indoors!

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*Side note: not only did Tree Classics gift me this pre-lit garland, but they also gave me a beautiful pre-light wreath to try as well. I was asked to give my honest review of these products, but I am not being compensated for this post. This is what I created, and what I really think!*

Classic Fraser Fir Lit 24" Wreath and 9' garland via Tree Classics
I was really excited to try this 24", battery-powered LED lit Fraser Fir wreath. The front of my house could really use some more lights, and as we have a simple strand of gold lights and a few faux candles in the windows, so this wreath matched perfectly. What I didn't realize was that the lights are on a timer, which is perfect because this wreath is on my front door and I would likely forget to turn it off each night.

Along with my pretty new lit greenery, I have added some candles and a lit ceramic tree for even more entryway warmth.

These three candles are actually tealights in handmade birch wood candle holders. I generally only light these when we are having company, or a little get together. I like to use vanilla scented candles to make the space even more inviting.

On this little entry table, I usually have a ceramic dish for keys or other odds and ends, as well as a little tranquil water fountain. For the holidays I replaced these with a tapered candle; a vanilla tealight in a silver holder; and a ceramic Christmas tree that doubles as a burner for my cinnamon soy melts. Combined with the vanilla, the entryway smells like heaven.

To finish this space, I put down a gray and silver-threaded woven door mat to cozy up the cold, mid-century slate in the entrance. This is also nice as we live in Michigan and most people have snowy boots when they enter.

I would have loved to use the lit wreath on the inside of the entryway, but our front porch really did need a little light, and this accomplished that perfectly.

After having this lovely wreath and garland duo up in the entryway for a couple of days now, here are my thoughts:

  • Both the wreath and garland are pre-light, so I didn't have to deal with figuring that out myself.
  • Both lit products come with a 2-year warranty, so that makes me feel more confident that I'll get a lot of good use out of them.
  • The garland is substantial and not at all thin
  • The garland is also easy to arrange and mold to the shape I need (such as along and down my planter box)
  • The garland is cord-powered, which is nice because I won't have to replace batteries.
  • The wreath is cordless and battery powered, which is perfect for placement on a front door or wall.
  • Because I choose classic and plain greenery, I can add decorations to match my own style at any time, such as bows, pine cones, ornaments, etc.
  • The wreath is thick and not at all cheap looking
  • The greenery is very real-looking, as Tree Classics uses "High quality Real-Feel™ PE needles"
  • The LED lightbulbs are energy efficient
  • Both the wreath and garland can be used indoors and outdoors
  • VERY fast delivery for both of my products
  • While I said it was a "pro" that the garland was cord-powered, it's also a bit of a con. If I ever wanted to put the garland around the outside of my front door, cords would need to be involved. This is also the case if I were to put it on my mantel. Extension cords would be necessary.
  • As another reviewer noted on the website, the battery pack is a bit tricky to get into on the wreath. Personally, I didn't have so much trouble with it that I would fault the wreath over it, but the screws are very tiny, and one screw did give me a bit of trouble. I also had one tiny nut fall off, but I was able to easily re-attach it. I am hoping batteries last long enough that I only have to open the battery pack once a year.
  • The cord for the garland could be a bit longer

Thanks for spending some time with me in my cozy new entryway, and thanks again to Tree Classics for making it all possible! I hope you and your family are having a warm and comfy holidays season.

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