Project Gallery

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Rose Shampoo Bars

Custom Switch Cover

Knit Headband Pattern

Soap Party Favors

Pinata Coin Bank

Upgraded Tableware

Faux Stream + Bridge

DIY Stepping Stones

Log Steppers

DIY Memory Jar

Cinnamon Stick PlaceSetting

Glass Bulb Ornament

Pipe Cleaner Himmeli

Crochet Ornament

Honeycomb Ornament

Wrapping Paper Wreath

DIY Room Freshener

Facial Bar Tutorial

Faux Wall Paper

DIY Reed Diffuser

Painting the Front Door

Watercolor Garland

Vanilla Bean Loofah Soap

Polka Dot Magnets

Textured Clay Magnets

Gilded Tray Tutorial

5 DIY Calendars

DIY Neutral Tablescape

Wood Bean Ornaments

Low Cost Ornaments

Ruffled Burlap Wreath

Gilded Canisters

Simple Homemade Soap

Homemade Cleaning

Coffee Can Coin Bank

Constelltion Tray

Chalkboard Tray Makeover

Apple Clove Pomander

Garland Greeting Card

Autumn Leaf Mobile

Washi Tape Stationery

Easy Whipped Cream

Paper Straw Necklace

Upcycled Wall Shadow Box

DIY Painted Espadrilles

Chalkboard Paint Pots

DIY Fabric Flower Bouquet

Upcycled TV Toy

DIY Mini Heart Fridge Magnets

Painting a vintage dresser

Mother's Day Cut Out Card

DIY Paper Cut Rain Card

Geometric Mobile w/ template

Painted Wood Slice Tray

Indoor Rock Garden

Chic Party on a Budget

Geometric Embroidery Art

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Printable Vanilla Labels

DIY Woodgrain Pattern

DIY Note Pad

Perched Birdies Decor

Foxy Ukulele

Genealogy Mobile

Fiber Bangle Bracelets

Print Patterned Favor Bags

Silhouette Favor Bags

DIY Spice Labels

Upcycled Gift Bows

Crafty with Clothespins

Reusable Chalkboard Tags

Washi Tape Napkin Rings

Upcycled Napkin Rings

Reusable Calendar

Fabric-Wrapped Picture Frame

Cutting Curtains in Half

Ground-Cover Vase

Natural Air Fresheners

3 Uses for Old Book

Ombre Dyed Feathers

Personalized Luggage Tags

Chevron Pumpkin

Indoor Jack-o-Lantern

Glittered Pine Cones

Patterned Glass Ornaments

Paper Ornament Template

Ornament Upgrades

DIY Envelope Liners

Fabric-Wrapped Hangers

Family Keepsake Ornament

Stamped Wrapping Paper

Garland Gift Wrap

Owl Gift Topper

Kitschy Gift Toppers

PicMonkey Holiday Card

Snow Globe Ornament

1 Frame, 3 Uses

Ponytail Pouf

Confetti Easter Eggs

Studded Shadow Frame

Evergreen Ornaments

Framed Pumpkins

Glittered Stick Gift Toppers

Glittered Valentines

Homemade Sprinkles

Homemade Pancake Mix

DIY No-Spill Ink Well

DIY Wax Decals

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