Indie Business

These are my tips, resources, and best advice over the years from owning an indie business.

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Tackling time management
Time management and life balance
Tips and tools for time management
Life balance wheel
The creative process

Finding your pricing formula, and valuing your work
Pricing formulas
Tiered pricing
Increasing profit margins
My guest post on In Honor of Design: Pricing

Creating your brand
Non-visual branding
Business colors and color palettes
Experience branding
A cohesive brand image

Find Success on Etsy and Elsewhere
Spruce Up Your Shop for the New Year

Use Your Shop Sections Effectively
How to be Found on the Internet

What does success mean to you?
Including your indie business on your resume
16 Tips for Etsy Success
Slow season tactics to rocket your sales
Get your shop ready for the holidays
Three tips for tagging your products
Perfecting your product photos
Spring Clean your shop
Setting up an Etsy shop
Writing a profile
Three Tips for boosting Etsy views
A Product Photography Tip for Dummies

Learn how to market effectively
Using Facebook as your business
Custom Facebook URL
How to be found on the internet
The usefulness of business cards to online shop owners

Advertise and promote your work
DIY ad in Microsoft Paint
Daily promotion plans to get into high-gear

Creating customer service
Should Online Sellers be Available 24/7

Customer service from a shopper's perspective
Writing email responses to customers
Dealing with negative feedback

Develop packaging and shipping methods
Shipping guide for indie shops
Pretty and simple packaging solutions

Streamline product design
Anatomy of a Product Launch
Creating cohesive product lines
Planning new product lines with Google Analytics

Master taxes, accounting, and legal issues
Bookkeeping Tutorial II
Business or hobby?
Accounting for your business
10 steps for filing business taxes
Bookkeeping tutorial
A legal business

The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte *
Clip Art by The Ink Nest *

Rise & Shine eBook
Life is Messy - Time to Clean it Up
Google Docs tutorial
Using Google Alerts

How Does Introversion Fit In? 
How to Spark Your Creativity
You Know Who You Are. You Know What You Want.
How Danielle LaPorte Changed My Life
Never give up
Creative Epiphany 
Creating Goals with Soul
Work Smarter, Not Harder

Working at home - with kids
A Work At Home Mom's Manifesto
What Does a Work At Home Mom Do All Day?
How I kept my kids entertained for hours - for a nickel
Self Care for Mamas
How to Deal with Interruptions
It is the Sweet, Simple things in Life

Making it Work - a series of interviews with indie business owners, bloggers, and artists
Babaloo! - a stay at home mom with a handmade shop
Lauren Thomas - a performing musician going to school full time, and working part time
Allisa Jacobs - a work-at-home mother, handmade shop owner, e-book author
Erin Wilson - fashion and accessories designer, blogger, and mother
Laura Wilson - shop owner, blogger, part-time work-at-home mom
Camelia Negoita - full-time blogger who quit her day job
Dark Heart Designs - indie shop owner with a full-time day job
How a Stay At Home Mom started a thriving online home goods store

Breakthrough Boot Camp: a free e-course
Find out more about Breakthrough Boot Camp here.

Week One: Clarity
Week Two: Priorities
Week Three: Goals and Passions
Week Four: Real Life Applications
Week Five: Online Presence and Branding
Week Six: Finding the Spotlight
- Social Media Anxiety
- Creating Social Networking Plans
Bringing it all together 

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